1-2-1 coaching for Children - Adults

1-2-1 Cricket Coaching is the perfect environment to work on your game, improve confidence and drive your cricket to a whole new level.

Coaching we Offer

Every year Damian Forder & George Ford see hundreds of Boys, Girls, Men, and Women of all abilities between the ages of children 9 year old's to 65 year old adults for 1-2-1, 1-2-2. or 1-2-3 coaching creating exciting results.

  • We Cover Batting from opening batsmen - number 11's.
  • We cover Bowling from fast/medium opening bowlers - first/second change - Spin bowlers leg and off spin to occasional bowlers.
  • We also cover wicket keeping and fielding.

So whether you are just starting out at any age, playing for the local pub team, play regular club cricket at any level of league standard, or you are aspiring to be an elite/performance player at District, County, Academy or beyond we can help your game.

We deliver 1-2-1 coaching 12 months of the year on day times, evenings, and weekends.

We use the latest skills, drills and equipment incorporating the bowling machine and the Apple iPad Technology, Cricket Coach HD, which gives instant feed back on screen for players to analyse and discuss with the coach.

Lessons can be a 1 hour one-off or, multiple hours and even a block of lessons can be booked in advance.


Bookings must be made with George and Damian direct through email, DFCA will require you as an adult player or parent/carer of a person under the age of 18 to complete our health and saftey form and return it with the full payment which must be made 24 hours before the session starts, you will be given a reference and payment link to make the payment through our website.

Failure to make the payment and return the form completed will result in a void booking.


If for any reason you are required to cancel a confirmed booking, you will need to provide 12 hours notice prior to the session to be eligible for a full refund or alternatively transfer the funds to a future 121/122 booking.

If this notice is not given, full payment will be required.


Due to safeguarding children DFCA would prefer you to stay with your son/daughters  under 18 during sessions at the back of the hall.

We also understand that, this is not always possible due to logistics, DFCA would like you to factor this into your thought process whilst booking the session(s)

Saftey/House Keeping

Net Safety and house keeping will also be explained to you at the start of your first session by your DFCA Coach.

Whilst we do our very best to minimise risk please be aware as with any sport there be a risk of injury weather using a soft ball or a hard cricket ball.

  • 1-2-1 - £43 per hour
  • 1-2-2 - £50 per hour
  • 1-2-3 - £55 per hour
  • Please note that with in the hour this may include setting up a net and putting it away with debrief as other people may use the indoor facilities before and after us.

Scheduled Coaching Sessions with Damian (damian@dfca.co.uk)



Tuesday 16th - 5pm -6pm

Wednesday 17th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm

Thursday 18th - 5pm -6pm

Tuesday 23rd - 5pm -6pm

Tuesday 30th - 3.30pm -430pm

Wednesday 31st - 3.30pm -430pm


Thursday 1st - 3.30pm -430pm

Friday 2nd - 1pm -2pm & 2pm -3pm

Sunday 11th - 2pm -3pm & 3pm -4pm & 4pm -5pm

Friday 16th - 8pm -9pm

Friday 23rd - 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm

Sunday 25th - 2pm -3pm & 3pm -4pm & 4pm -5pm

Friday 30th - 8pm -9pm




Friday 7th -  7pm -8pm

Saturday 8th -  1.30pm -2.30pm & 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Sunday 9th - 2pm -3pm & 3pm -4pm & 4pm -5pm

Monday 10th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm

Tuesday 11th - 8pm -9pm & 9pm -10pm

Wednesday 12th - 8pm -9pm & 9pm -10pm

Thursday 13th - 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm & 9pm -10pm

Friday 14th - 430pm -530pm  & 7pm -8pm

Monday 17th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm

Thursday 27th - 1pm - 2pm & 2pm - 3pm

Friday 28th - 1pm - 2pm & 2pm - 3pm

Saturday 29th - 10am -11am & 11am -12pm & 12pm -1pm

 January 2019

Saturday 5th - 9am -10am & 10am -11am & 11am -12pm

Monday 7th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm

Thursday 10th - 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm

Friday 11th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm - 8pm

Saturday 12th - 9am -10am & 10am -11am & 11am -12pm & 1pm -2pm & 2pm -3pm & 3pm -4pm

Friday 18th - 7pm -8pm


Scheduled Coaching Sessions with George (george@dfca.co.uk)

Please be aware all sessions on Tuesdays / Thursdays are currently subject to change. Any sessions that are booked on these days may be changed. This will be updated in the coming weeks. Further sessions may also become available.



Wednesday 17th - 7pm -8pm

Thursday 18th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm

Thursday 25th -  5pm -6pm


Tuesday 30th - 430pm -530pm


Friday 2nd - 1pm -2pm & 2pm -3pm

Friday 23rd - 8pm - 9pm

Friday 30th - 7pm -8pm and 8pm - 9pm


Friday 7th -  5.30pm - 6.30pm & 6.30pm - 7.30pm & 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Saturday 8th -  1.30pm -2.30pm & 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Monday 10th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm

Tuesday 11th - 8pm -9pm & 9pm -10pm

Wednesday 12th - 8pm -9pm & 9pm -10pm

Thursday 13th - 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm & 9pm -10pm

Friday 14th - 430pm -530pm  & 7pm -8pm

Friday 14th - 5pm -6pm  & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm

Monday 17th - 5pm -6pm & 6pm -7pm & 7pm -8pm & 8pm -9pm

Thursday 27th - 1pm - 2pm & 2pm - 3pm

Friday 28th - 1pm - 2pm & 2pm - 3pm

Please note all our evening and weekend available times and dates are shown above If you require coaching on a week day please let us know as we may be able to help.

Gift Vouchers

You can purchase a voucher from DFCA for that special gift up to any amount towards a 121 coaching session, cricket coaching course, or from our Vantage Cricket range.

To purchase a voucher please email damian@dfca.co.uk.

Amounts £10, £25, £50, £75, £100 if you would like more please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is a payment gateway only for customers who have a personal reference from DFCA in advance for 1-2-1's, Bowling Machine Hire, Courses, and Other Payments. Please do not use this gateway unless you have a personal reference as this may lead to confusion. If you do have a reference please then click here to make payment.