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DFCA run Cricket Coaching Courses throughout the year in Bristol, where we see thousands of cricketers from Children to Adults, Boys, Girls, Men and Women, of all abilities. Term Time Courses, Weekend Courses and Holiday Courses throughout Bristol are all popular options.

The Courses are delivered to the highest standard and use all the latest skills, drills and equipment currently used by professional cricketers and may also incorporate the bowling machines and video analysis.

The DFCA courses are structured and designed to help cricketers improve their confidence with a positive attacking mind set in the four main areas of Batting, Bowling (Medium, Fast or Spin) Fielding and Wicket Keeping. The coaches encourage the cricketers to think for themselves, to ask and answer questions and to bring their own experiences of the game to the courses. We don’t use jargon – just clear, simple language that will allow every player to understand and enjoy their cricket.

We also run High Performance Programmes for gifted and talented players. Please click here to find out more >

Little Crickets (Trade Marked by DFCA LTD)

Little CricketsLittle Crickets is a revolutionary programme for 3- 5 year olds that will give your child a perfect introduction and foundation to the techiniques and skills they will need to play cricket, whilst also developing the co-ordination, agility, athleticsm and confidence that are fundamental to modern team sports.

3 -5 year old sessions are fast moving and fun and takes place in a supportive and encouraging enviroment, which enables children of all abilites and experience to have a great time whilst learning the basics of the game. Mums and Dads will be encouraged to join in the fun too to help with our skill activities on a 1-2-1 basis with your child!

Howzat4kidzHowazat 4 Kidz

6 -8 year olds sessions are developing on the basics and foundations set from 3- 5 year old sessions to looking into small sided games with tactical awareness building up to pairs cricket matches by the end of each course.

Parents are more then welcome to stay and watch.

DFCA are now in the process of setting up a DFCA Howzat4kidz Team for 2018 which will take the team/s on the road to play local cricket clubs in pairs cricket matches 5/6 matches planned.

Junior CricketJunior Cricket

9 -12 year olds learning the basics of hard ball cricket setting the platform for you the player to learn try things and improve your core skills and the challenges ahead in the game of cricket

Advanced Cricket

13 -16 year olds developing into a young adult taking responsability for your game and how you the player can develop it with our fantastic team of DFCA coaches to facilitate your learning on your journey to adult cricket.


17+ - Adults from the local pub team to local cricket clubs in the Gloucestershire leagues we will help you improve your game at any level we use the bowling machines and all the latest equipment to allow you the adult to take full responsability of your game, whilst we at DFCA will facilitate and get you to work it out and problems solve your way to becoming a better player in an adult enviroment.

DFCA & Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Player Development Pathway.

  • 3 -5 Years Little Crickets (Soft Ball) (Trade Marked by DFCA LTD)
  • 6- 8 Years Howzat4kidz (Soft Ball) DFCA Howzat4kidz Cricket Team planned for 2019!!
  • 9-12 Years Junior Cricket (Hard Ball)
  • 13 Years - 16 Year olds Advanced Cricket
  • Adult 18+ Cricket Course
  • High Performance Programme for Gifted and Talented players (for more information and to apply for a place on the list see the DFCA High Performance Programme Page)