DFCA & BYCL Junior Under 12 Bristol Indoor Cricket League 2022

Played at The Bristol Cricket Centre @ County Ground Bristol, Home of Gloucestershire Cricket. 8 aside teams, 10 overs per side, 10 matches, 60 minutes per week. There's no better way than to spend the winter playing cricket.

£50 match fee per team per game

Please note all players will need to complete a DFCA Health & Safety Form before being allowed to play each season.

For more information please contact george@dfca.co.uk

League Table January - March 2022

Team Name Played Won Draw Lost Batting

Golden Hill CC Yellow


Golden Hill CC Green


Rockhampton CC




Stapleton CC


Bishopston  CC


Bradley Stoke CC


Thornbury CC 


Bonus points - (Batting: 25, 50, 75, 100; Bowling: 2, 4, 6, 8)

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Junior League Indoor Fixtures  2022                           

BYCL u12s IDL Saturday January - March 2022                   


            Week 1            22/01/22    

2pm - 3pm      Stapleton CC vs Golden Hill CC Green  

3.05pm - 4.05pm     DFCA vs Thornbury CC 

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Bradley Stoke CC vs Rockhampton CC 

5.15pm - 6.15pm      Golden Hill CC Yellow vs Bishopston CC 


            Week 2            29/01/22     

2pm - 3pm      Bishopston CC vs Bradley Stoke CC 

3.05pm - 4.05pm      Golden Hill CC Yellow vs Stapleton CC 

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Rockhampton CC vs DFCA

5.15pm - 6.15pm      Golden Hill CC Green vs  Thornbury CC 


            Week 3            05/02/22

2pm - 3pm      Rockhampton CC vs Golden Hill CC Yellow

3.05pm - 4.05pm      Golden Hill CC Green vs Bishopston CC 

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Stapleton CC vs Thornbury CC 

5.15pm - 6.15pm      DFCA vs Bradley Stoke CC 


            NO GAME        12/02/22  


            Week 4            19/02/22   

2pm - 3pm      Thornbury CC vs Bradley Stoke CC 

3.05pm - 4.05pm     Golden Hill CC Yellow vs DFCA

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Stapleton CC vs Bishopston CC 

5.15pm - 6.15pm      Golden Hill CC Green vs Rockhampton CC m  


            Week 5            26/02/22

2pm - 3pm      Golden Hill CC Green vs DFCa

3.05pm - 4.05pm      Golden Hill CC Yellow vs Bradley Stoke CC

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Rockhampton CC vs Stapleton CC 

5.15pm - 6.15pm      Bishopston CC vs Thornbury CC 


                  NO GAME       05/03/22 


            Week 6            12/03/22

2pm - 3pm      Rockhampton CC vs Bishopston CC 

3.05pm - 4.05pm      Golden Hill CC Green vs Bradley Stoke CC 

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Golden Hill CC Yellow vs Thornbury CC 

5.15pm - 6.15pm      DFCA vs Stapleton CC     


            Week 7            19/03/22   

2pm - 3pm      DFCA vs Bishopston CC 

3.05pm - 4.05pm      Rockhampton CC vs Thornbury CC 

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Golden Hill CC Yellow vs Golden Hill CC Green  

5.15pm - 6.15pm      Stapleton CC vs Bradley Stoke CC


            Week 8            26/03/22  

2pm - 3pm      Play off P7 Plate vs Play off P8 Plate

3.05pm - 4.05pm      Play off P3 Cup vs Play off P4 Cup

4.10pm - 5.10pm      Final P5 Plate vs Final P6 Plate

5.15pm - 6.15pm      Final P1 Cup vs Final P2 Cup