Sportswear - Thornbury CC


1st window 1st January 2018 - 14th January 2018 delivery for start of season
2nd window 15th January 2018 - 31st January 2018 delivery for start of season
3rd window 1st February 2018 - 14th February 2018 delivery for start of season
4th window 15th February 2018 - 28th February 2018 delivery for start of season
5th window 1st March 2018 - 16th March 2018 delivery for May
6th window 17th March - 31st March 2018 delivery for June
7th window 1st April - 27th April 2018 delivery for July

All orders will be processed on the cut-off date and will rely on available stock and size of product required at Surridge.

Please note: We do not hold stock of any items at DFCA.

You are more then welcome to place an order outside any of the ordering windows.

However if you decide to order before each of the above ordering windows, your order will be collected and will be placed at the end of the closest ordering window. If you order after the final window 1st April - 28th April you may have to wait up to 4 weeks before we place your order with Surridge.



Curve Long sleeve sweater
Curve Sleeveless sweater
Micro mesh cap
Premier 3/4 sleeve shirt
Premier long sleeve shirt
TCC Playing Trousers

Leisure Wear and Training

Long sleeve base layer
TCC Hoodie SALE!!
TCC Hoody
TCC Performance Top
TCC Performance Top 1/4 zip Sale!
TCC Rain Jacket SALE!!
TCC Tracksuit Trousers
TCC Tracksuit Trousers 3/4 SALE!! zip
TCC Training Shorts
TCC Training Tee